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When South African hops meet Italian strawberries



When South African hops meet Italian strawberries

Today we want to tell you a story. Did you know that it’s almost impossible to grow hops in South Africa? The hot, dry climate is a killer.
But some of the beer loving nations' farmers are beating the odds and rapidly cultivating a reputation as suppliers of the best varieties of hops, such as African Queen and Southern Passion.
A few years ago SAB Miller bought all the South African hop farms in order to supply their own breweries, so now it’s almost impossible to source these unique hops if you’re not called Stella Artois or Leffe.

Well, “almost” impossible.

We have teamed up with Cleaver craft brewing to bring to the UK one of the unique and most exciting varieties of South African hops, which we’ve sourced directly from a small farm in George (Eastern Cape): African Queen.

We have used these hops to brew “Fragolino”, a low abv pale ale (4%) with hints of blueberries, cassis, passion fruit.
We forgot to say – we also add some Italian strawberries to remind us of home.



We are now ready to brew the second batch of our Limoncello IPA.
First batch flew out of the window in only 1 week, we literally have a handful of cases left.

Thanks for the amazing feedback around the country, just to summarise a few:

“Glows bright yellow and cloudy, lemons taste deliciously”

“Very pleasant lemon flavour”

“Lovely beer, light and subtle”

“Very good IPA with depth and tartness to it”

"Refreshing, lemony IPA that's fresh, smooth and tasty. Mild, pleasant bitterness with a little New England character"


Fragolino 1