Ora Beer: craft beer from italy

Fancy a gelato for Christmas?

Fusion Pale with strawberry, chilli, basil and cocoa (6%)

Our collaboration series, Italian Gelato, continues across the winter. We are teaming up with some of the best independent and innovative breweries 
across the country, to promote the concept of traditional Italian Gelato.

The idea is to reinterpret some gelato flavours using only natural ingredients in the process combined with the best local fruits and ingredients.

After the success of Fiordilatte (with Shilling brewery), Stracciatella (with Brew York), Bacio (with Unbarred), the new beer is something very different.

We have teamed up with our friend Mark at Craft Tooting to brew a pale ale with strawberries, white chocolate, chilli and basil.

The base is pale, wheat and flaked oats. We have added loads of strawberries, lactose and cocoa, which we have balanced with the savoury of basil to bring the sweetness down a touch. We have then added a combination of Cayenne and Scotch Bonnet chilies, to give a tingle on the tongue with a bright and tropical fruit note. 

This beer was born over a beer at Craft Tooting between Simone and Mark.
We've been thinking for a couple of months together about how to create the ultimate dessert beer, and in November we got inspired by Dabiz Munoz famous gelato at StreetXo restaurant in London,
which is a spicy strawberry and white chocolate dessert.

For this beer we have sourced fruits from Natoora, an importer of Italian products working directly with the farmers, and cocoa from Peru imported by Sevenhills.

We have then worked together with Mark to find the right balance of basil and chilli, which we infused for a week during fermentation, and to get to the right quantity of strawberries and cocoa.

The result is a balance of sweet, savoury, with a tantalizing tingle. 

The beer is available at Craft Tooting (Broadway Market Tooting, 29 Tooting High St, SW17 0RJ) and Cratt & Courage (Crystal Palace, 28 Westow Hill, SE19 1RX).

For trade, is available in KeyKegs (30L) and bottles (330 ml) from 
from Eebriatrade and Vertigo drinks (https://bit.ly/2Lg2N5u)

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