ORA WHITE 3 Ora Beer


Italian passion

for brewing

Founded in 2016 in Modena (Italy), ORA is an independent brewery dedicated to creating beers that marry the quality of finest Italian ingredients with contemporary beer styles.

Our story

Ten years ago, Daniele, Pietro and Emanuele decided to give home-brewing a go for a bit of fun and a challenge. They started modestly with brewing beer in a garage, using a friend’s pot, and after success, progressed to buying their first nano brewing machine. During the next five years, they researched and worked hard to develop their first beer. After an overwhelming response, they decided to take their passion to the next level. They started to sell around Emillia Romagna and in Milan. ORA Brewing was born.
ORA Brewing now export to the UK and we sell in 30 shops, pubs and restaurants in London. We are continually working to strengthen our presence in the UK independent brewing scene, with constant collaborations with local and Italian breweries and businesses. Pietro is our head brewer whilst Emanuele is taking care of sales in Milan and Daniele is the Head of Operations in London.

ORA brewing is member of SIBA and London Brewers Alliance.