Ora Beer: craft beer from italy


This summer we've got you covered with more fruity and tropical brews

Our mango pale ale is the perfect pairing for the sunshine.

This mango puree infused 4.5% pale ale really delivers with tons of fruit flavour, including a hint of blood orange. This profile is nicely balanced with a subtle addition of citra hops.

This beer will bring you straight into the Italian summer.

Mango pale is a tribute to Naples, and in particular to the neighborhood of Vomero. 

Vomero is Italian for a handheld plow, and peasants once worked perhaps the most beautiful farm terraces on earth there. Even now, streetside vistas can leave a visitor dumbstruck.

In the Spanish Quarter and the Vomero one encounters Naples at its extremes: food markets in tiny alleyways with Vespas zipping everywhere, all next door to gentrification and bourgeoisie. 

When we met with Tony from Quartieri, we decided to brew a beer that builds upon these contrasts of the places he used to live when he was young.

Juicy pale ale with an intense fruity character, all of a sudden you'll find yourself back in those food markets full of flavors in the tiny alleyways of Naples. 

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Mango Pale