Ora Beer: craft beer from italy


ORA Brewing is moving to Tottenham to expand its current production capacity and bring you fresh beer every Saturday with the new taproom

Ten years ago, Daniele, Pietro and Emanuele decided to give home-brewing a go for a bit of fun and a challenge. The brewery’s journey began a little over ten years ago, when its three founders, Daniele, Pietro and Emanuele – just 16 at the time – made their first beer in a cooking pot, in a garage in their home town of Modena. During the next five years, they researched and worked hard to develop their first beer. After an overwhelming response, they decided to take their passion to the next level. They started to sell around Emilia Romagna and in Milan. ORA Brewing was born.

One step further, they started to export to London and sell to some local shops around Kingsland road. Early 2018, a Saturday morning in Bermondsey at Ubrew, ORA Brewing started to brew its own beers from underneath the famous railway arches.

“This was a key-change for ORA” Daniele said. “We became London-based, we started to be part of a community with more than 150 breweries, members of the London Brewers Alliance and SIBA. Our beers were fresher, improved in quality and we started to have more opportunities to launch seasonal and special beers. Obviously, we did not forget where we came from and we continued to celebrate our Italian DNA constantly in new styles and Italian ingredients for our brews… It was the beginning of something new and really cool”.

Now a regular fixture in pubs and bottleshops around London, ORA’s inventive, gastro-inspired take on classic styles has really caught the mood of the moment, with last year’s Balsamic Milk Stout selected by CAMRA as one of 2018’s most innovative beers.

“We are now an independent brewery dedicated to marrying the finest Italian ingredients with classic British styles. We believe in collaboration between food and beer: this is what brought us last year to launch “The balsamic”,the Limoncello IPA with fresh lemons imported from Naples and just a few months ago the collaboration series “Italian gelato” to promote the concept of Traditional Italian Gelato in the UK, recreating traditional classic gelato flavours using only natural ingredients in the process combined with the best local fruits and ingredients. After working with breweries like Brew York, Unbarred, Box social we received an amazing echo of customers who wanted to try ORA”.

To fulfill the increasing demand for beers, ORA have decided to take our passion to the next level and open our own brewery.

From May 1st ORA will be entering the new site located in Rosebery Industrial Park, London, London N17 9SR. Daniele, Pietro, Emanuele and the Head Brewer Simone are excited for the new adventure.

We look forward to joining this vibrant area of London, with other amazing breweries such as Beavertown, Pressure Drop, Bohem, Redemption… and fellows Italian of Brewheadz!

On Saturdays the taproom will open to everybody, great opportunity to meet the guys behind ORA and try their beers fresh from the fermenter.

See you soon in Tottenham!