Ora Beer: craft beer from italy


We have always loved red wine.

Our brewer Simone comes from Modena, northern Italy.

It's the land of Lambrusco, a wine which unfortunately has always had a bad reputation. The proper Lambursco has little to do with the sickly sweet beverages that dominated the market in the 1980s.

Lambrusco is a fresh, dry, earthy, effervescent red, with a slight bitterness that goes beautifully with the rich cuisine of Emilia-Romagna, its home region in north-central Italy.

Our new brew is a tribute to the real Lambrusco: the idea is to create a dry, effervescent beer, with a vivid red color and a sweet taste.

Say welcome to Brut IPA with blueberries.

"Brut IPA" is being used to classify extremely dry beers with less residual sugars. They also have low bitterness, effervescent carbonation, a light body, and are hopped with varietals offering fruit-forward or wine-like notes and flavours.

We have brewed this IPA with pils, wheat, then we have loaded withbuckets of blueberries and dry hopped with Olicana and experimental hops HBC472 for a fascinating whiskey/bourbon and coconut character break into the fruity background.

Color is very violet: you can almost taste the blueberries through the glass. Surprisingly light-bodied and very effervescent with aromas of tart, green and red grape.

Fancy trying something different from Lambrusco?

This is you beer.


This beer is available in bottles (24x330ml), kegs (20L)....and 1 cask.

Buy directly from us, or from Eebriatrade (https://bit.ly/2S3Wl3i) and Vertigo drinks.

The beer will be officially launched at Brewdog Bristol on the 8th March.