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Italian Gelato series

As you know, ORA is an independent brewery dedicated to creating beers that marry the finest Italian ingredients with classic British beer styles. This time we have decided to focus on one of the most famous and worldwide known Italian products: Gelato


Inspired by the ice cream masterpiece by Omnipollo, we are launching a series of collaboration with some British breweries to promote the concept of Traditional Italian Gelato, trying to replicate some of the classic gelato flavours using only natural ingredients in the process (no chemicals), and combined with the best local fruits and ingredients.

The first beer is a Fiordilatte Milkshake IPA with Scottish berries (5.5%). 
Fiordilatte is one of the most classical Italian gelato flavours. The phrase “fior di latte” translates to “flower of milk”, and it refers to gelato in its purest form: just dairy, sugar, and starch, no flavourings, no egg yolks.
Imagine the flavor of the milkiest-milk imaginable, with a floral nuance that’ll make you swear there’s something else to it. With an ingredient list so pared-down, the quality of the ingredients is critical. 
Katie Parla explained that it might be overlooked by visitors who assume it ordinary, but it’s “like a margherita pizza: it’s the benchmark for quality and if it’s good, then you can trust the other menu items.

We have teamed up with our friends at 
Shilling brewery in Glasgow to brew this small batch Milkshake IPA with lactose and lots of local Scottish berries. 
The lactose gives a creamy mouthful which reminds the velvety Fiordilatte, and it is enriched by a significant addition of local "brambles" (Scottish blackberry), raspberry and passion fruit, to give an intense fruity and tart note.

The beer will be launched this week at Shilling brewerySalisbury Hotel and Crafty fellas, and is available for wholesale at Eebria tradeDam Tasty Beer, Sparetap, Vertigo beers.

Some of the feedback we have received so far:

"Superb. Busting with fruits and as smooth as anything with a lovely bitterness. Excellent stuff"
"Thin head, murky colour, berry aroma. Juicy bitterness with a dry finish" 
"Fruity, slight tart aroma, grapefruit sour light taste, moderate bitter" 
"Does actually taste of milkshake!"

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