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Introducing ORA Limoncello IPA

ORA Incrusée series is a special edition born to explore sensory connections between brewing and gastronomic traditions. This time we decided to recreate one of the most iconic drinks in the Italian food culture: Limoncello.
Introducing ORA Limoncello IPA (6.5%).
Fresh, velvety, juicy, just what you need when you're lying on the beach in Capri.

Why is Limoncello so unique?
According to any good Italian, the secret behind the tasty and refreshing Limoncello is in their authentic lemons from Sorrento. These lemons flower up to 4 times a year, size is bigger than your hand and have a very fresh, juicy, tart and fragrant flesh. They are full of vitamin C and their skin has a high concentration of essential oils. These lemons grow only in the Sorrento peninsula and in Capri. The plants are protected by “pagliarelle”, straw mats which allow to protect from wind and preserve the flowering process.

How does grandma make proper Limoncello?
Recipe is very simple: water, alcohol, lemon zest and sugar. Peel the lemons and add into a water jug with alcohol. Keep it in a room with low light to ensure alcohol absorbs the oils. After a month of rest, add hot water and sugar. Bottle and store in the freezer.

Why did we want to create this beer?
The idea is to re-create the creamy Limoncello from Sorrento, blending Extra Pale with Cara Gold to give a bright yellow color, lots of flaked oats for a well rounded body, and lactose for the “velvet” effect. We haven’t used any artificial concentrates or puree, just lots of IGP fresh Lemons sourced from Sicily Food. Lemon peel is added in the boil and after for dry-hopping, giving enough time for the lemons to release all their essential oils.

How many kegs / bottles have we produced?
Very few: only 11 kegs (20L) and 30 cases (24x330ml). Place your order now to ensure availability.

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