Ora Beer: craft beer from italy


There are some amazing days when you wake up and the sun is shining throughout the day.

And there are some days when you're grumpy and lazy all around.

The March edition of Ferment and Beer52 features a special release of ORA in cans:

Limoncello IPA with Sorrento lemons (6.5%) 

Hazy heart NEPA with Citra and Mosaic (5%) 

Two opposite beers, for character and tasting profile:

Limoncello IPA is an IPA which recreates the citrous and velvet Limoncello from Sorrento on the Amalfi Coast: lemon colour, lots of flaked oats for a rounded body, lemons sourced from Amalfi coast and lactose for the 'ice cream' effect.

With this beer you're gonna jump straight into the Italian summer!

Hazy Heart is a double dry-hopped NEPA with a hazy appearance. Citra and Mosaic take the lead of the hopping regime, providing a burst of fruit and bitterness well above the 5%.

This beer will leave you with a hazy heart that wants more. 

What do you feel today?

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