ORA WHITE 3 Ora Beer


Our masterpiece. Inspired by the Bohemian tradition, we brew this golden pilsner using Pils and Carapils malts, Saaz hops and the freshest and purest water from the Appennini mountain.


  • Pilsner
  • Alc 4,7% Vol


The result is an incredibly refreshing beer, with pleasant clarity and a warm finish with a note of honey.

Why chose Hermes?

Because it reminds you summer, whatever season you are drinking it. As crisp as you like, as refreshing as you wish.


Malts: Pilsner, Cara Pils, Pale Biscuit. Hops: Saaz, Magnum.

Tasting note:

"Golden Pilsner with bready nose and a hint of fruit. Flavour is lemony, biscuity sweet, but the finish is peppery, dry with some bitterness. Easy drinking" (Christine Cryne, Beer Tutor & Master Trainer, Member of the British Guild of Beer Writers)

"An attractive orange thick look about it. A Pilsner that’s perfect for today’sun. Creamy mouth feel and great water quality. As crisp as Gary Lineker at the Walkers factory eating some crisps wearing a freshly ironed and starched crisp shirt" (Beer baron Lincoln)