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Our Gioele is growing up! This beer is a tribute of a style that dates back to U.S. home brewers who were inspired by British style dark ales and porters

  • American Brown Ale
  • Alc 5.5% Vol


Roasted malt, chocolate-like characters, floral and herbal flavor and aroma with a dry hop bitterness.

We have worked hard to perfect this unique recipe and are proud to deliver a very balanced and elegant beer with an unforgettable flavor and an irresistible dark brown color. 

GIOELE #2 showcase Amarillo and Northern Brewer, Ekuanot in dry hopping. 


Malts: Pale amber, Biscuit, Cara Red, Chocolate, Crystal, Wheat Hops: Amarillo, Northern Brewer, Ekuanot (in Dry Hopping)

Tasting note:

"It pours very dark mahogany with ruby reflections, very thin carbonation, weak slightly creamy head. 
Caramel malts, sticky toffee notes, americano coffee, some red berries sourness, some mature banana, British hops fruity notes. 
Very drinkable, smooth sweet caramel, easy mouthfeel, bitter sweet nutty character, some sweet biscuit malt coming, fruity english hop, nice not too bitter finish. I was expecting more bigger hop character and more alcohol presence" (Gabriele Bertucci, Beer sommelier at The beer academy and Beer expert at Clapton Craft)